"Sērenes piens" starts exporting dairy products to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Latvian milk processing company "Sērenes piens" has sent the first two cheese containers to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates this year, informs Andris Eģītis, Chairman of the Board of "Sērenes piens".

"Our biggest advantage is the quality products we create especially for the export market - akkawi, kashaval, msnara cheeses. They are made using national recipes of Eastern and Asian nations, high-quality Latvian local raw materials and very precise production processes. It is not for nothing that at the world's largest and most popular food exhibition "Gulfood" in Dubai, one of the partners asked, a little jokingly - how it is possible to produce better akkawi cheese in Latvia than in Asia, "says the head of a dairy processing company.

The main specialization of "Sērenes piena" is the production of akkawi-type white cheese for export markets. Exports to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are expected to reach five million euros over three years. Therefore, participation in the exhibition "Gulfood" and the contacts established there were also a significant turning point in the development of this export direction.

Eģītis emphasizes that the company has used the past two years, when due to the restrictions introduced to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the planned development rates and directions had to be adjusted. Namely, most of production has been done for nearby countries, including Sweden, Germany and Belgium, and not in Asia, as was intended.    

At the same time, the past two years have been used to improve production and increase capacity.