“Serenes piens”, Ltd.

We are dedicated to create and manufacture products your cus- tomers will love.

Serenes piens – which means “serene milk” in Latvian – is a locally owned dairy company. We strongly believe that the development of economic activity in Latvia’s regions is our responsibility, and that investment in the cultural and historical region of Selija should serve the common benefit of the region’s inhabitants.

Serenes piens was founded and is based on our belief that the clean Latvian rural environment and efforts of our diligent professionals will come together to create top-quality dairy products which will bring success to the company on international markets.

We are convinced that Serenes piens’s high-quality Latvian-made dairy products,  produced according to our unique and innovative recipes and using high-quality local milk, can satisfy the highest demands of markets throughout the world.

The main focus of the company is on creating niche products, and we are flexible in responding to changing market conditions.

We are a naturally growing company. We have responsible quality, financial and environmental policies, and we are developing gradually, thus building a solid position in the Latvian dairy-processing industry.

Our most precious asset is our staff and the ideas which they generate.

In everything we do, we strive to ensure the highest quality possible. Attention to detail and a flexibility to respond to changes swiftly and efficiency are factors that lie at the very heart of our decisions.


Main facts about “Serenes piens” Ltd:

  • Serenes piens was founded on 7 May 2019.

  • Milk has been processed on the premises since the 1990s.

  • Serenes piens is a locally owned company; its owners are Andris Egitis and Janis Ruskis. Both of them have been successful in the food industry for many years.

  • The company is managed by the chairman of the board, the production director, the technical director and the commercial director. All of them have more than ten years of experience in the food industry, including milk processing.

  • Serenes piens produces niche products for export – Akkawi-type white cheeses and heat-treated sour cream with a long expiry date, as well as sour cream, cottage cheese and various other types of dairy products. We adapt and develop our product range to match our customers’ needs.

  • Serenes piens has created new jobs in the region, and employs local people.

  • Our main markets are Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the United States of America, Israel, Greece, as well as other countries in the Far East, the Caucasus region and Asia. Our products are also available in Latvia.

  • Our raw materials come from local dairy cooperatives.

  • We plan to process up to 100 tons of milk per day.

  • Our dairy is a modern milk-processing factory; it meets the highest standards and requirements. It is located in tidy and clean environment.

  • A proficient and dynamic team ensures the successful operation of our company.